The 3rd OpenWater symposium was organized on 16-17 September 2015 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, to share experiences, tools, training materials and model codes applicable in the water domain. It provided an opportunity to discuss emerging open source tools, as well as the initiatives to initiate open standards and interfaces.
Thus, the symposium focused on open source software and open access tools within the water domain.

Open source tools are seen as important to both research and practice in the management of water resources. Tools and models provide researchers and planners with the ability to improve the management of the water resources. The OpenWater2015 symposium aimed at bringing together users and developers, with a focus on Africa applications.

The symposium was organized in the framework of the HOPE Initiative (Symposium agenda). 120 scientists from 24 countries participated, 30% of whom were women.
50 oral presentations and posters were presented (call for abstracts). The main outcomes included:

  • Engaging the private sector;
  • Raising awareness at the global level to stimulate the use of the Free Open Source Software (FOSS);
  • Supporting the OpenWater Community Development Network (CDN) and connect resources to the people who need them (e.g social media);
  • Seeking support for Start-ups of new Water Open Source initiatives.

The Next OpenWater Symposium will take place in 2017.

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