Version 1.0

The Hydro Free and/or Open-source software Platform of Experts (HOPE) released the first HOPE kit version 1.0 at the 21st session of the Intergovernmental Council of the International Hydrological Programme (IHP) of UNESCO (18-20 June 2014) – See more at (mettre lien vers le post).

Wasterwater Component: STOAT – Water Research Centre (WRc)
[Download the software]

wrclogocolourSTOAT, developed by Water Research Centre (WRc), is a PC based computer modelling tool designed to dynamically (unsteady-state) simulate the performance of wastewater treatment works. The first release of the software was in November 1994 and the latest (as of January 2014) in March 2013. The license permits free use but not for military purposes and the software is not open source. STOAT was designed for engineers working in wastewater treatment field. WRc provides training on STOAT but it is not free of charge.

STOAT, written in Visual Basic and Fortran programming language, can be used to simulate individual treatment processes or the whole treatment works, including sludge treatment processes, septic tank imports and recycles.

Groundwater Component: MODFLOW-2005 – United States Geological Survey (USGS)
[Download for Windows – Unix and Related Programs]

usgs_greenMODFLOW–2005, commonly called MODFLOW, is a three- dimensional (3D) finite-difference groundwater model that was first published by the United States Geological Survey (USGS) in 1984. The current version of MODFLOW-2005 is v.1.11.00, released August 8, 2013. The software is free and open source and was designed for scientists, students and resource managers working in the field of groundwater, especially saturated and unsaturated groundwater flow and groundwater recharge. USGS provides training on MODFLOW-2005 but it is not free of charge.

The goals for MODFLOW-2005 are that the program can be readily understood and modified, is simple to use and maintain, easily executed on a variety of computers with minimal changes, and is efficient with respect to computer memory and execution time.

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